Welcome to the new WDH website!

The internet can move quickly sometimes. The basics haven’t changed much since the early days of HTML in the 1990s, and there’s still plenty of websites out there which use very little else.

On the other hand, the way people use the internet has changed a lot, especially in the last five years.

Mobile usage (on phones and tablets) has exploded. New frameworks like Twitter’s excellent “Bootstrap” have sprung up, allowing much more control over the way a website modifies itself to deal with different screen sizes, and existing technologies have rapidly evolved to use them.

So it was time for a complete revamp.

We’re keen on telling people that websites are never “finished”, they simply get to the release stage and then continue to evolve – but sometimes you need a completely fresh start.

So welcome to the new WDH – featuring a far more “responsive” design, new artwork and imagery, and our all new “thoughts” section, we hope you’ll enjoy it!

The initial build was done in a day, mostly as a challenge to ourselves to demonstrate just how quickly (and therefore cheaply!) a technically basic but stylish site can be put together!